Bead Society of New Hampshire


Magazines and Online Resources

Bead The Magazine: On this website, get back issues of this magazine from 2005-2012.

Bead Flowers, Beadwork by Katie Dean: This website has a shop and blogs and offers a Bead Teaching License course. Katie also offered a class on the Facebook Seed Beads and More group page called How to choose to bead colours. " I really enjoyed the class and use her methods when I need to choose colors."

Beadwork: On this website, "enjoy bead weaving patterns, expert tips and tricks, inspiration and more as you advance your beading skills. Beadwork comes out every two months, with plenty of in-depth information and guides on how to take your beading skills to the next level. Each issue of our leading bead magazine is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest new bead weaving and bead making guides, so it's a wonderful resource for longtime beaders and newbies alike."

Belle Armoire: On this website, get back issues of this magazine.

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork: This website is an open source architectural beadwork project from Kate McKinnon and a worldwide team of innovators.

Craftsy: This website offers online classes for crafts, including jewelry making but not beading.

Diane Fitzgerald presents... Beautiful Beads: This website has bead art examples, classes, kits, books, instructions, and links to articles by Diane Fitzgerald.

Facebook: Some of our favorite groups:

Interweave: On this website, explore all things beading and jewelry, as well as other crafts. Discover their blogs, magazine subscriptions, videos, patterns and more. They publish Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Beadwork magazines and the Tucson Show Guides. They also have back issues of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and Stringing magazines.

Jewelry Crafts: "A Blog About Jewelry, Precious Gemstones & Diamonds."

Kalmbach Media: On this website, get back issues of Bead and Button magazine.

Ornament Magazine: "Brings the World of Personal Adornment to You."

Vogue: Reading this fashion magazine will help keep you up-to-date with the current styles.

YouTube: Online videos from beaders and jewelers. Some of our favorites are Jill Wiseman, Erika Sanford, The Story Telling Jeweller,Bronze Pony, and Spoilt Rotten Beads.